Security Consulting

LUX Window Films (formerly Westmount Commercial Security) has years of experience in assessing security issues and supplying the best security solutions whether it be high quality locks, motion and entry detectors, alarm systems, security cameras, or simple advice you can do yourself to protect your home and your family.

As a free bonus for checking out our site, here are 10 tips to make your home safer.

1. Light it! Criminals like the dark. By installing motion sensor lighting at your front, side and back doors you will feel safer as you approach your house at night and burglars will run away when they turn on.
2. Uncover it! By cutting back large or bushy shrubs near entranceways, you remove places for burglars to hide while they break into your home.
3. Lock it! Make sure you lock ALL doors and windows. A key lock on ground floor windows will thwart a burglar who breaks the window to unlock it.
4. Block it! Install window security film to your glass. Even with a blow from a sledge hammer they will stay intact preventing entry. For more visible protect you could install window grills to help stop burglars from entering your home through the basement.
5. Change it! When you move into a new home, change ALL the locks. You have no idea who might have a copy of the previous owner’s keys.
6. Remove it! If your house key is on the same ring as your car key, remove it before giving your keys to a parking valet. They can make a duplicate while you are away.
7. Stop it! If you are going away on vacation, stop your mail and newspaper deliveries.
8. Erase it! Criminals will sometimes call a residence to see if anyone answers. If your phone mailbox is full, they will know you have gone away.
9. Shovel it! Snow piled up is something criminals look for when casing a house.
10. Post it! Let burglars know you are security conscious by putting up stickers supplied by Neighbourhood Watch, an alarm company, or LUX Window Films.