Privacy Window Film

Windows add so many benefits to your home, unless they remove your privacy. LUX Window Films can find a solution to any privacy problem with a range of Privacy Window Film.

You spent a lot of money to get the view you wanted from your windows, but privacy is important to you.


Closing blinds or curtains ruins your view and makes your rooms dark and uninviting. LUX Window Films can install Privacy Window Film that gives you daytime privacy by adding a reflective surface on the outside surface of your windows. You can see out, but no one can see in. Problem solved! And daytime Privacy Window Film allows light to enter your room so you won’t be in the dark. And added benefit of daytime Privacy Window Film is that even when you are not home, potential burglars cannot see in your windows to check out your valuables.

Daytime Privacy Window Film can be applied in combination with other protective window films such as: UV Filter Window Film, Heat Reduction Window Film, Anti-Glare Window Film, and Anti-Graffiti Window Film. One of certified installers will be able to assess your situation and provide you with the exact window film for your needs.

residential decorative privacy frost250

Another solution offered by LUX Window Films is frosted Privacy Window Film. This type of Privacy Window Film restricts viewing from either side of the glass while still allowing in light.

Frosted Privacy Window Films gives the appearance of sandblasted or etched glass for a high quality look. It can be applied to an entire window or to a level suitable for privacy. Frosted Privacy Window Film is suitable for both external and internal windows.