Residential Window Film

You’ve worked hard to get your home. It is security for your family… or is it? While you may have a dead bolt on the door, what about the glass? Statistics indicate that breaking glass in doors and windows is the most common form of entry by burglars. YOU CAN STOP BURGLARS FROM ENTERING YOUR HOME! All it takes is for LUX Window Films to apply Security Window Film.

Most burglars look for quick, easy entry. They don’t want to be caught red handed. By applying Security Window Film their attempt at entry will be deterred. That delay will send most burglars running. Security Window Film will also hold any shattered glass together preventing collateral damage.

LUX Window Films are available in a variety of styles, some of which are so clear you can’t tell they are there. We also will supply you with a LUX Window Film SECURED ENVIRONMENT sticker. When thieves see that, they will just walk away.

Security Window Film can be applied in combination with other protective window films such as: UV Filter Window Film, Heat Reduction Window Film, Anti-Glare Window Film, and Anti-Graffiti Window Film. One of certified installers will be able to assess your situation and provide you with the exact window film for your needs.