Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will Security Film change the look of my windows?

A: Security film is perfectly clear, once its installed there is a curing phase that lasts anywhere from 30-90 days depending upon weather/sun exposure. During the curing phase you may see small water bubbles or cloudiness, this is a perfectly normal thing and once the film has fully cured your glass will appear just as before.

Q: I’ve seen that there are small specs of dust trapped in the film, is this a problem?

A: When we install film we do the best job possible. If you’ve ever looked at dust floating on a sunny day you know that the air contains lots of stuff that’s floating through your home. If you have pets this adds to the mix also. We specially clean your windows prior to installation but contamination is a fact we have to accept. People look through windows not at them (unless your a window film guy, and I’m always looking at windows). The dust in no way reduces the effectiveness of the film and does not affect your warranty in any way.

Q: What is window film?

A: Window film is a specially formulated plastic covering that can be applied to new or existing windows or glass inside or out. The reasons for applying window film are varied: heat reduction, heat retention, anti-glare, UV filtering, anti-graffiti, safety, security, decoration with coloured windows, or all of the above.

Q: How long has LUX Window Films been in business?

A: LUX Window Films (formerly Westmount Commercial Security) has been in business since 2007.

Q: How do I get an assessment of my needs?

A: You can call us at 514-777-2705, or email us directly at

Q: How long will it take to get an estimate of the cost?

A: Once we have all the information we need, an estimate of your cost will typically take 24 to 48 hours.

Q: Will LUX Window Films need to do a site survey?

A: For most installations and estimates a site survey will be necessary. Costs and installation times as well as the choice of the most appropriate products require a careful examination of your site and how many windows are involved.

Q: What type of window film will I need?

A: The type, grade, and style of the window film you need will depend on you answering several questions and a detailed analysis of your site. Since we provide so many types of window films, we may be able to satisfy multiple needs in one film application.

Q: Do I need special glass for window film?

A: No, you do not need special glass for most window films, but some window films will not adhere to certain glass types. Our certified window film installers will advise you of the best choice for your needs.

Q: What locations do you cover?

A: LUX Window Films typically covers locations within 75 km of Montreal; however, we can arrange to have your needs satisfied if you live outside that area.

Q: Can LUX Window Films install after business hours or on the weekend?

A: Installation is typically done during your working hours; however, special arrangements can be made to have installation completed after hours or on weekends.

Q: How long will installation take?

A: Installation time will depend on the type of window film you need and how many windows you need protected. However, completion of most installations will take up to two weeks from the signing of the contract.

Q: How does LUX Window Films install window film?

A: Installation of window film requires clean windows and a special water soluble adhesive. It is essential that it be applied with the correct amount of pressure and the right type of squeegee to assure a bubble free application.

Q: Can I install your window film myself?

A: Yes, but unless you are experienced and trained in large scale window film applications, we do not recommend it. We also cannot guarantee our product if it is installed by someone else.

Q: What do I need to prepare before installation?
A: It is essential that you remove all furnishings that block access to your windows, including desks, file cabinets, and tables. It is also important to remove and objects that are on the window sills. We will move or remove blinds or curtains and we will cover any adjacent furnishings with drop cloths if necessary.

Q: Should I clean my windows after installation?

A: You must wait at least a month before you clean windows that have been protected with any type of window film. After that month you can clean them with mild soap and water. Please refrain from using harsh chemicals or abrasives.

Q: How long will window film last?
A: Residential window films are guaranteed for life. Commercial window films are guaranteed for 10 years.

Q: Can window film be removed?

A: Yes, old window film can be removed and must be discarded in the appropriate disposal unit. New window film cannot be installed on top of old window film. If you need LUX Window Films to remove old window films please let your representative know this in advance. If you wish to remove the old window film yourself, let us know and we will give you some tips. It is important to avoid scratching the surface of the glass during removal.

Q: Can I see samples of the window film you supply?

A: Ask your LUX Window Film representative and he/she will gladly show you whatever films you wish to see.

Q: I already have window film from a supplier. Will you install it?

A: Since we cannot guarantee the quality, age, or composition of another company’s product we are unable to install anything but the products we carry.

Q: Will a LUX Window Films representative help me with other security problems beyond installing Security Window Films?

A: Absolutely. We can provide information, products, and installation of locks, alarms, motion / entry detectors, and security cameras.