Low-E Film — Heat Retention Film

infrared lossDid you know during “furnace season” as much as 50% of your home’s heat is flying right out the window? Thermal windows are great at keeping the cold out but there’s nothing keeping the infra-red heat that your furnace/heating system generates inside your home.

Upgrading to Low-E windows can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Low-E film gives you the same performance enhancement at about 15%-20% of the cost.

Low-E film is a retrofit product which can save you 30-50% on your energy costs. You will immediately feel warmer and cosier and can even turn the heat down as your home is retaining a lot more heat.


low-e-coatingLUX Window Films not only provides the best and most diverse collection of Low-E Films, we install without disrupting your home environment and can usually install in less than a day.

Benefits: Lowered heating costs, cosier and more comfortable, also keeps heat out during the summer months, lowering A/C costs.