Energy saving

Summer can be a killer in a building with a lot of glass. The sun’s heat can feel magnified, with employees and clients scrambling for shade. Take the strain off your cooling system and your budget by lowering cooling energy costs by up to 30%. LUX Window Films can provide your building with Heat Reduction Film that is transparent, translucent, and /or coloured. We can combine Heat Reduction Window Film with Anti-Glare Window Film, Privacy Window Film, and / or UV Filter Window Film to give you the ultimate in comfort and protection. Cooling systems in buildings is a key contributor to greenhouse gases. Heat Reduction Window Film can help you reduce your carbon foot print and save money on energy costs while making your work environment more comfortable and therefore more productive.

Productivity is increased not just from a more temperate climate but also from reduced glare on equipment and in face to face meetings. It protects your employees and clients from the harmful effects of UV rays by reducing by up to 99%. Your equipment and furnishing too will be protected from premature deterioration and fading.

One of certified installers will do a survey to determine the energy efficiency of your building and then provide you with the exact window film for your needs.