Security Window Film

How did security window film stop a $100,000 theft? LUX Window Films received a call at 11pm from one of our customers. A would-be criminal was looking forward to doing some early Christmas shopping. He chose our customer, a high-end bicycle shop where some bicycles cost over $10,000. Armed with a sledge hammer he struck the Security Film enhanced glass time and time again, but could not break through the window. He gave up in frustration.

Our customer was relieved that instead of a hefty insurance claim and increased insurance cost, all they had to pay was the deductible on a broken window. They didn’t even have to call for an expensive emergency glass installation because the Security Window film kept the glass intact.

security film benefit

This is the same film we install on all residential and commercial installations. Are you this well protected?

Your security is only as strong as the weakest link in the chain. In the case of most businesses, that’s your windows. The cost of replacing standard windows with high security or bullet-proof glass is prohibitive. THERE IS A SOLUTION! Security Window Film supplied and installed by LUX Window Films can make fragile windows as solid as a door without compromising looks.

We supply Security Window Films to suit your specific need whether it is for standard protection or extra grade protection from high velocity weapons or bombs. Our Security Window Films are designed to restrict entry by slowing the intruder down until help arrives or frustrating him until he gives up and leaves.

An added benefit of our Security Window Films is the protection against inadvertent breakage.

Security Window Films by LUX Window Films are created to hold broken glass together to severely restrict entry. This adhesive quality also prevents glass shards from injuring anyone inside.

By combing our Privacy Window Films and our Security Window Films you can increase your security by preventing would-be-burglars from fully assessing the type of equipment you have on site. Security Window Films can also be combined with Heat Reduction Window Films and Anti-Glare Window Films.