Privacy Window Film

There is nothing like a window to add openness, class, and style to a commercial space. However, there is on drawback to all the benefits: loss of privacy. NO MORE! LUX Window Films can provide you with the amount of privacy you need whether on outside or inside windows. And we can do it is a very stylish way!

We offer two types of Privacy Window Films: external window treatments that allow you to look out but block the view of passersby; and external/internal window treatments that allow light to pass through but not prying eyes.

External Privacy Window Films that are reflective come in an assortment of types all of which provide maximum privacy during daylight hours. Our reflective films also add the benefits of UV blocking and reduced glare; some even provide a further benefit of heat reduction.

frosted-window-film-in-the-office-1024x560 (1)

Sometimes it is essential to have 24 hour confidentiality. That’s when our frosted external/internal Privacy Window Films shine. Frosted Privacy Window Films are translucent so they allow light to penetrate but protect your privacy fully. They can be applied to 100% of the window or to a specified height.

LUX Window Films will help you choose the right Privacy Window Film for your windows, and our certified staff will install it quickly and efficiently. We can also combine our Privacy Window Film with additional Heat Reduction Films, Safety Window Films, and / or Anti-Glare Window Films.