Anti-Grafitti Window Film

What some call art, business owners call vandalism. Graffiti is an increasing problem in urban and rural centres. New York City discovered that if they removed the graffiti from their subway cars, the incidents of graffiti diminished. But you can’t afford to replace your windows until that happens so, WHAT DO YOU DO?

LUX Window Films has the solution: Anti-Graffiti Window Film.

While some graffiti like paint and markers may be removable, it can be extremely difficult and time consuming if applied to untreated glass. However, nothing can fix untreated etched glass. It must be replaced. That can be very expensive.

Anti-Graffiti Window Film allows you to remove paint and markers with off-the-shelf window cleaning products quickly. If your window is etched or scratched in some way the Anti-Graffiti Window Film absorbs the damage. It can be easily replaced by one of our installers for considerably less than replacing the window. You save money, you maintain the quality of your property’s look, and your building doesn’t invite additional graffiti.

Since Anti-Graffiti Window Film is virtually invisible, its purpose is hidden to vandals. This quality also allows it to be a solution to protecting other surfaces such as mirrors, marble, and stainless steel.