Anti-Glare Window Film

In spring, summer, autumn, or winter, the sun’s glare can cause employee/client discomfort, and make working on computer screens extremely difficult. UNLESS! Unless you have us install Anti-Glare Window Film on your external windows.

That crease just above the bridge of your nose is often caused by the sun’s glare. That can lead to a headache and / or eye strain, both of which affect productivity and comfort. There are other solutions to glare: blinds or curtains. However, both eliminate your view, reduce natural light to a minimum, and need regular cleaning. They are also subject to rapid deterioration, damage, and décor changes.

Anti-Glare Window Films can reduce the affect of the sun’s rays by up to 95% instantly. You and your employees/clients get the benefit of comfort without losing the benefits of natural light and a view. Anti-Glare Window Films also block up to 99% of the sun’s UV rays, which adds added protection to your skin, upholstery, and other fine furnishing like rugs.

LUX Window Films will help you choose the right Anti-Glare Window Film for your windows, and our certified staff will install it quickly and efficiently. We can also combine our Anti-Glare films with additional Heat Reduction Window Films, Safety Window Films, and / or Privacy Window Films.