Commercial Window Film

Windows add beauty, style, and comfort to your commercial space. However, they also add a potentially expensive problem – heat! Not only do your AC bills increase, the productivity of your staff will decrease as temperatures inside climb. You cannot afford to ignore this any longer because LUX Window Films has a simple solution: Heat Reduction Window Film.

Heat Reduction Window Films come in a variety of styles to suit the needs and décor of your site. Depending on which film you choose the results are nothing but astounding – heat reduction of up to 80%. Can you imagine the cooling savings you will have immediately! The secondary benefits of Heat Reduction Window Films are employee/client comfort due to reduced heat and glare, and furnishings protection due to reduced UV exposure.

It does not matter the shape, size, or height of your windows, we can satisfy your needs. In fact, LUX Window Films is a certified installer of all the window films we offer, whether for internal or external application.

We can also combine our Heat Reduction Films with additional Anti-Glare Window Films, UV Filter Window Films, Safety Window Films, and / or Privacy Window Films.