About Us

LUX Window Films (formerly Westmount Commercial Security) is not a new company, but we do have a new name and a new focus. Since 2007 the focus of Westmount Commercial was on all aspects of commercial and residential security. However, our clients told us they wanted more products and services related to window films; and we listened.

Now, as LUX Window Films we can satisfy all of your needs whether it be security, privacy, or comfort.

Jay Winick, founder and president of LUX Window Films brings a passion for high quality, effective solutions to problems facing commercial and residential clients in our ever changing climate, and our increasingly dangerous environment.

When you ask LUX Window Films to help with your problems, you will talk directly with the man in charge. He will hear what you have to say and arrange an assessment of your needs. There’s no middle man here.

LUX Window Films supplies and installs a substantial range of window film products, providing cost efficient, effective solutions for issues such as solar control, security, safety, privacy, and glass decoration.

We use only high quality films, which are all backed by a lifetime warranty for residential installations and a 10 year warranty for most commercial installations.

As well as being installers, we can provide professional security consulting services and a range of other security products and solutions.

OUR MISSION: to exceed customer expectations in providing window film products to solve glass related issues.

Window films are being used in an increasingly wide range of situations and we are dedicated to finding the best solution for our customers.